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CrowBar's PvE


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    On CrowBar's PvE you can find AI bots that patrol some military areas or cities or even some forests
    You can recognize AI by tag above head, only AI can have red "AI BOT" tag above head, so before you shot make sure its AI
    AI is also spawning at every helicrash so make sure you kill them first
    There are few types of AI: police, military, heavy military, bandit, hunter
    Police bots spawns at cities (Severograd, Novodmitrovsk, Chernogorsk, Komarovo)
    Military bots spawns at heli crashes and military areas (Balota Airstrip, Prison island, VMC, Myshkino MB, Arsenovo Military, Troitskoe Military, Krasnostav airstrip)
    Heavy Military bots spawn at high tier military areas (Zelenogorsk military, NWAF, Tisy, Tri Kresta, BlackMarket)
    Bandit bots spawn at Stary Sobor
    Hunter bots spawn in forest (Drozhino, Pulkovo, Nadezhda, Ostry Military)
    Tisy AI is a bit more geared and they have a bit better precision

    💎 TIPS & TRICKS 💎

  • AI can hear from some distances, make sure you always use suppressor so they cant hear you
  • If you are not sure is AI unconscious or dead, they are naked when they are dead if you see them geared shot again
  • If you are alone dont rush AI you cant really win 1vs3 to geared AI, best is to shot them from distance
  • When you are close to location where AI patrols dont go with any vehicle too close they will hear it and shot you and that vehicle
  • AI cant get attacked by zombies
  • If they cant see you they will rush you to last know position where they saw you so relocate somewhere where you can see them

  • This is how each type of AI looks like:

    Zelenogorsk AI (heavy military):

    Zelenogorsk Military

    VMC AI (military):

    VMC Military

    Komarovo AI (police):

    Severograd police

    Stary Sobor AI (bandit):


    Kozlovka AI (hunter):