Server locked for update

CrowBar's PvE


Server info - How to join server

  • Make sure you have installed last version of DayZ
  • We recommend that you use DZSA Launcher so you can download it from:

  • DZSA Launcher

  • After you have download it and installed it, open DZSA Launcher
  • Click on settings on top-right corner and find Ingame Name field
  • Make sure its not survivor, if it is you cant enter server until you change it
  • After you have changed your name under Filters in first field type CrowBar and wait a few seconds
  • Then you should se something like this:
  • [EU] CrowBar's PvE|AI|Helis|Boats|Knives|Airdrop
  • Hit play and wait for mods to download

  • Vanilla Launcher

  • Click here to open Steam DayZ Client
  • Go to SERVERS on left side bar
  • Select COMMUNITY on top bar
  • Then search for CrowBar
  • After some time it should find server under name: [EU] CrowBar's PvE|AI|Helis|Boats|Knives|Airdrop
  • Hit JOIN then SETUP DLCS AND MODS AND JOIN then wait for mods to download

  • If you need any more help with joining server make sure you join discord and open ticket