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CrowBar's PvE


πŸš‘ Server info - Medic πŸš‘

    The MED-team on Crowbars PVE server is in place to respond in the event of a player needing medical attention, and, when possible, transport back to dead bodies.
    This is a server sponsored and admin-supported group, although there are player leaders within each team.
    The current MED-team leader is 58Badgers

    How do I get help? πŸš‘

    Type 112 in global chat with the problem and your location. Landmarks are preferred over coordinates. If a medic is on duty, one will respond.
    Example: 112 – throwing up – public garage Cherno
    You can call medic to your location for first aid and evec only once every 30 minutes
    You can call medic to transport you back to your body only once every 60 minutes
    Medic will not and cant (by rules) help you if you died at BlackMarket

    Military And Gas Zones πŸ”«

    In the event you need medical assistance within a military zone we will provide EVAC ONLY to a safe place to administer first aid, if you are wounded then once in a vehicle you may use the bandages to stop the bleeding. Further first aid will be given within a safe location.
    If you are with a buddy and they have died you may use the cargo space within the vehicle to fill with your dead players goods and we will take you to the KAMENKA spawn site ONLY so the dead player may collect their belongings. Any ruined items will not be replaced.
    Though we are armed we will not under any circumstances leave the vehicle to assist you in a military zone or gas zone.

    No medics on duty? 😴

    We try our best to have someone on duty, but we are all regular players with real lives.
    We don’t keep or assign a schedule; it is entirely at our discretion when and how we choose to play on any given day.
    That said, players are very helpful and often willing to lend a hand to get other players medical assistance or rides back to their bodies. Ask in global and it is very likely someone will help!

    How much do medic services cost? πŸ’Έ

    General medic assistance is FREE.
    Transport to body is 10k, can be paid in money or guns

    Can I get help in gas zones? ☒️

    Medics will respond to gas zones. This process takes time, as we need to change into the necessary gear. Remain calm and make sure you provide medics with useful information about your current health and exact location. Again we will only operate an EVAC procedure.

    What perks do medics get? 🚁

    Medics receive a reskinned helicopter, reskinned clothing, NBC gear, a gun and ammo, a 500-slot bag that only accepts medical supplies, and a weekly salary.
    Medics are not admins and have no additional powers above a regular player.

    Are medics allowed to use this gear or heli for looting? πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ

    No loot is to be stored in the helicopter with the exception of necessities such as tools.
    Furthermore, they can’t land within military zones to loot. When a call is active they can land anywhere they see necessary.
    Medics may use their helicopters to get from one point to another, at times for personal reasons (one trader to another) but this is because calls for help come in at any time and the medic needs quick access to the helicopter to get to the player in time.
    Medics are not allowed to use their medical equipment to loot.

    What is the med base on the map? πŸ₯

    Medic Base
    When medics are online they often like to be here. It is there for medics to restock their supplies and use the locker room. Medics who are there will of course provide treatment if someone shows up and needs help.
    There are also bins outside the med bases to donate O- blood and other medical supplies. As we are a nonprofit, all donations are appreciated!

    All medics have their own bases for their personal things.

    How can I contact the medic team leadership with a concern?

    Please DM 58Badgers and CrowBar via Discord, we both need to be made aware, with any concerns regarding the Med team as they are here to help not create more problems.
    You may also report a Medic that you think is looting using Med Team equipment, if possible, please also include screenshots where applicable
    Please do not submit a ticket to admins with medic questions or concerns, unless you are uncomfortable coming to us directly.

    How can I join? πŸ“

    We are currently well staffed. But if you are interested, feel free to send us an application and we will look into it via Discord - γ€”πŸŽ«γ€•apply-for-medic