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💰 Server info - P2P 💰


Who is P2P?

    Player to Player trading. We are a group of players who purchase Black Market guns, bricks of drugs.
    We also take special orders for Black Market guns and ammo. Occasionally, we buy and sell cars.
    Think of P2P as the middle range buyer of BM goods. We pay more than the regular vendor, but less than the BM vendor. Drugs can only be sold to players or the BM vendor.
    The option to sell to P2P is just that, an option. No one is required to utilize this service. Like the other traders on the map prices fluctuate dependent upon supply and demand to match the economy of the trader mod.
    P2P is server sponsored and admin supported but player ran.
    The current P2P leader is Simplez72.

When is P2P Open?

    Hit Esc check players if you see [MOD] Simplez72 playing then we are open
    We try to be open as much as possible, but we are actual people and as such have real lives to tend to – jobs, family, pets, health.
    We also, first and foremost, are players volunteering our time, and we deserve time to just play the game or goof off with friends too. Complaints about our operating hours will not make us open sooner.
    Again, please remember, as far as we know, none of us are robots.

What is Black Market?

    Black Market is a gas zone on the map where guns and drugs can be sold for top dollar. As well, special guns and ammo can be purchased. Remember, BM can never be discussed in public.

Where is P2P?

    At present it is situated at the Medic Base.

Is there anything I should do before coming to P2P?

    First, you will want to make sure your guns do not have any attachments on them, if they do, get rid of them before coming to us. We do not pay extra for attachments; you should remove and sell them to the trader for a bit of extra cash. Second, remove guns from gun slings and holsters before heading too P2P. They are very helpful for saving space in your inventory, but they are a pain for us. If you cannot do this before arriving at P2P, we simply ask you to empty the holsters for us once you arrive.

What happens to the profit?

    The money is placed into a pool for community events