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CrowBar's PvE


👮 Police Rules 👮


    In the text below "Police" "Law enforcement officers" "Police officers" "Law enforcement" is the person holding the position of police officer in the CrowBar Police Department (CBPD)

    - Law enforcement officers have the authority to conduct routine stops for purposes of inspection or verification without necessitating disclosure of the specific grounds for the stop.
    - Law enforcement officers possess the authority to conduct searches of individuals and/or their vehicles without a warrant under certain circumstances, typically when there is probable cause to believe that evidence of a crime is present or in situations where the individual has consented to the search.
    - You do not have the right to remain silent, you must answer all the questions the police ask you honestly and completely, if you do otherwise the police can arrest you
    - If law enforcement officials possess a valid search warrant for your premises, you are legally obligated to comply with their entry and allow them to conduct the search as specified in the warrant. Failure to do so may result in legal consequences such as fines or other penalties, and may also impede the investigation.
    - All warrants are issued only by the Owner, Senior Admin, Admin
    - Before making an arrest, police officers must have reasonable suspicion or evidence of wrongdoing. They should announce their intention to arrest and provide the suspect with an opportunity to comply peacefully.
    - Law enforcement officers are not obligated to disclose specific evidence against an individual during an investigation, as doing so may compromise the integrity of the case or ongoing inquiries.
    - Police officers must properly identify themselves to players they encounter in-game.
    - Police officers should only use force when necessary and proportionate to the situation. Deadly force should be a last resort and used only in self-defense or when protecting others from imminent harm.
    - Law enforcement officials have the authority to impound a vehicle if they have reasonable suspicion or evidence to believe it is stolen, involved in criminal activity, or subject to a warrant. This action is taken to ensure public safety and to facilitate further investigation as necessary.
    - "Reasonable suspicion" refers to the belief, based on specific facts and circumstances, that a person is or may be involved in criminal activity.
    - Every individual has the right to request to speak with a supervisor or higher-ranking official when interacting with law enforcement officers or other authorities.
    - If you suspect that law enforcement officers are abusing their authority, you can report it through appropriate channels, such as filing a complaint with the relevant law enforcement agency or contacting local oversight boards or commissions. These channels are in place to address concerns of misconduct and ensure accountability within the law enforcement community. REPORT POLICE OFFICER
    - Law enforcement officers have the authority to arrest individuals for certain offenses, but being rude or disrespectful alone is typically not grounds for arrest. However, if verbal behavior escalates to the point of being disorderly conduct, threatening, or obstructing an officer's duties, it could lead to arrest.
    - Theft of any item from law enforcement personnel or the commission of a serious crime such as murder of a police officer would typically result in severe disciplinary action from server administration. Such actions are serious violations of server rules and may lead to penalties including suspension or banning from the server. Server administrators enforce strict consequences to maintain a safe and orderly gaming environment.
    - Changing your name in an attempt to evade legal consequences, such as fines or other penalties, may lead to administrative action being taken against you. This action could include additional penalties or ban from all CrowBar's PvE server for certain period of time.
    - Law enforcement agencies have the authority to detain individuals for a limited period, up to 48 hours, without formal charges if there is reasonable suspicion or probable cause to believe they may be involved in criminal activity.
    - Feeding players anything without their prior approval is strictly prohibited. If we get a report of someone force feeding they will be arrested. An investigation will take place and the result will be either a permant ban or a 50k fine, depending on your time in the server.
    - Any player looting, tombstone looting, raidng or stealing will result in your aresst. An investigation will take place and will most likely get you permentaly banned. In the unlikey event you get let off with a warning there will be a 100k fine.
    - If you are caught scamming new players out of high tier, high vaule items you will be arrested. Depending on the serverity of your crimes you will either be temporay banned and fined or permantly banned. It is mandatory to use only English in the global chat, using any other language will get you arrested and you will spend 12 hours in the cells.
    - Any mention of blackmarket, even by new players, will result in your arrest, a temporay ban will be issued and jail time will be served.
    - It is agasint the law to start killing zombies and looting airdrops before you claim them in global chat. You can claim it only when you are closer then 300m from teh site and drop is on ground. Once claimed you will need to wait for admin to confirm the claim is valid. Breaking these laws will result in your arrest and jail time.
    - Littering is illegal. Any player that is caught littering will face a 5k fine and potential jail time. Please put all litter in the trash cans provided. Littering also extends to audio littering. You are only permitted to use the radio in private areas, blasting music in public places is illegal and you will be arrested. It is illegal to drive your vechile in to the trader (Exception for Kumy pass through road). If your vechile is blocking the way or parked innaproprately it will be towed without warning and you will have to pick it up from the police station and pay a fine.
    - Loot cycling, loot farming, zombie and AI farming are all illegal. You will be arrested and temporay banned and jailed for up to 72hrs. You will have your kill records stripped and have to pay a 50k fine.
    - Unfortunately, essential documents such as ID cards or driver's licenses are not accessible due to limitations within the game parameters.


    - When you are dressed as a police officer, you must respect the role by upholding law and order within the server. This includes enforcing server rules and regulations in a fair and unbiased manner
    - Police officers should only use force when necessary and proportionate to the situation. Deadly force should be a last resort and used only in self-defense or when protecting others from imminent harm.
    - Police officers should treat all players with respect, regardless of their in-game actions or behavior. They should strive to maintain professionalism and avoid engaging in disrespectful or derogatory behavior.
    - While on duty, police officers are required to adhere to departmental policies and regulations regarding attire and equipment. This includes wearing official police uniforms and using designated police vehicles. The possession and use of weapons are usually governed by departmental protocols, which may vary depending on jurisdiction. Officers are authorized to carry department-issued weapons as part of their duty gear. Personal weapons are prohibited and subject to strict regulation while on duty to ensure the safety and accountability of law enforcement personnel.
    - Police officers are expected to adhere to high standards of conduct and must not abuse their authority. Any instances of abuse of authority, such as excessive use of force or misconduct, may result in immediate dismissal from the server administration, as well as potential additional punishments.