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CrowBar's PvE


Server info - Trader

    Green Mountain Trader

    At GM Trader you can find: medic, weapons, weapon supplies, high tier weapons, tools, clothing and vehicle trader
    There are 5 bins for loot that you dont need, pls put all garbage inside those bins if cought leaving garbage on floor you will get warning followed by 24h ban
    Also you have well with clean water at GM
    There is ATM close to 2 parking spaces, you get 75000€ (in-game money) starting money
    Next to vehicle trader you can find key grinder used to duplicate key, just hold key of your vehicle in your hands and you should see option to copy key
    Garage for all vehicles is at front entrance
    Green Mountain Trader

    Kumyrna Trader

    Almost same as GM trader only diffrence is that at Kumyrna you can find Hunter trader
    Weapon and weapon supplies traders are in tents
    Other ones are in small kiosks
    Garage for all vehicles is at west entrance
    Kumyrna Trader

    Klen Trader

    Klen trader has all traders from GM and Kumyrna and its also has fish trader which is only trader where you can sell fish and fish fillet
    Garage for all vehicles is next to trailer not so far from trader
    Klen Trader

    Heli Trader

    Heli trader is trader only for helicopters, prices are from 350k to 4.5m
    Also there you can find big landing pad for helicopters
    ATM is next to trader
    Heli Trader

    BlackMarket Trader

    At BM Trader you can only one NPC (trader), but you will need to find on whole island
    BM is not so easy you can find a lot of zombies that will try to kill you so bring friend and a lot of ammo with you
    BM buys and sells all tier 4 guns, mags it also buys gold and cannabis
    To access island where BM is you need to use bridge and you need entire NBC suit with mask and filter, make sure you bring more then one filter
    BM Trader